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The Data HEART of WV
Health, Engagement, and Research Team
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About The Research Team


To research issues of community and health that affect West Virginia and the nation, informing each other, the scholarly community, and the public of project progress and outcomes, as well as building and fostering a network of support and collaboration.


Collaboration and a collaborative outlook, including interdisciplinary work

Public outreach: focusing on using our projects to raise public awareness and education about health disparities/issues; communicating findings simply for public consumption

Positive mentor/mentee and peer relationships

Interdisciplinary and applied research

Interdepartmental collaboration

Promotion of the development of undergraduate and graduate students as scholars through student skill development (e.g., statistics, grant writing, publications, conferences, etc.)


Welcome all new team members and learn about their substantive interests and methodological skills

Promptly respond to email requests, especially when deadlines are used

Be motivated and productive

Do the best work you can and ask for help when you need it

When working in teams: 1) create a team work plan, including clear expectations of roles and authorship, 2) take on what you have the time/ability to accomplish, and 3) hold each other accountable for deadlines

If there are issues with completing a task on time, communicate that immediately to your teammates

Monthly meetings are designed to update team members and identify synergies for existing and developing projects; attendance at meetings is required with the exception of valid scheduling conflicts. 

Present challenges and struggles to the team (judgment-free zone!)

Actively and respectfully listen to each other in meetings and offer constructive comments when applicable

All members of the team should be familiar with the American Sociology Association (ASA) Code of Ethics and conform to all standard research ethics


Every team member should respect others' work, and help each other with projects if needed when available and capable.